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Ureki: The Best Beaches in the Area and Its Mysterious Magnetic Sand

Ureki is known for its magnetic beach. It is in the region of Guria, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Poti and 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Batumi. Its coast has little stone and dark colored sand that they say has therapeutic qualities. The marshrutkas that connect Poti or Zugdidi with Batumi can drop you off at the Ureki train station (you should inform the driver beforehand that you want to stop there).

From the station, there is a half-hour walking along a road that goes to the beach. There are hotels, the occasional restaurant, and grocery stores if you want to spend the night. It is a rather touristy place, with many locals and people from countries of the former USSR visiting.

The Magnetic Sand of the Beaches of Ureki

On the Ureki beach, you’ll find one of those unique phenomena of nature that is baffling the scientific community. You see, the beach is surrounded by a magnetic field of low intensity and its sand absorbs all that energy. Many people believe that these places have a positive effect on health.

In fact, there is a discipline of alternative medicine known as magnetotherapy. According to Manana Tabidze, director of the Georgian Center of Physiotherapy and Balneology, the most important property of the Ureki arena is that it increases the immunity of the organism.

The expert assures that it is also good for the treatment of some heart diseases, osteoporosis, and psychological illnesses. However, if you want to see the results you have to get medical treatment for some time. Seeing a professional regarding your medical condition is highly recommended.

When the weather is good, the beach is usually full of people who come to spend the day. Some of them cover their bodies with sand and, skepticism aside, the sensation is quite pleasurable. It is a coast of very dark sand, with little stone and very hot water.


Ureki has a few hotels like the National Hotel (70-120$) and a very comfortable guesthouse on the beachfront (79 Takaishvili Street, price of 20-25GEL). The marshrutkas can drop you off on the main road. There is a half-hour walking distance from there to the beach.

Cheap Lodging


Address: 79 Takaishvili Street (Ureki)

It is on the beachfront and it has four rooms. The bedrooms are good and brightly lit. It is located in the back of a grocery store. They do not speak English but they offer good prices (20-25GEL per person).

Medium Price Lodging

Villa Ureki

Phone: +995 598 455 794


This hotel located 100 meters (328 feet) from the beach. Bright, air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV. Some of them have a balcony. The hotel’s café serves various Georgian and European dishes. In addition, there is an outdoor terrace. Villa Ureki staff can organize different guided tours.

Hotel National  

Address: 142 Takaishvili Street (Ureki)

Phone: +995 558 66 99 01

They have 24 rooms of different categories and a capacity for 60 people. It is a short distance from the beach, on the second-line. Prices per room in high season vary from $ 50 to $ 120 but they are reduced by up to 50% in low season. It is open all year round.