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Kvareli: The Heart of Georgian Wine

The town of Kvareli, with just 8,000 inhabitants, is also quite famous for its wines. It is about 25 miles from Telavi and it hides one of the largest and best-preserved fortresses in Kakheti.

It is the urban center of the municipality of Kvareli, where 90% of the population lives in small towns. Viticulture is the most important economic activity in the area. Among the most famous wineries here is Kvareli Tunnels (also known as Winery Khareb), which offers guided tours of its facilities ( ).


What to See in Kvareli?

Kvareli Fortress

It is located in the center of the town and it dates from the 16th and 17th centuries. It has a square shape and a cylindrical tower rising from each of its corners. It was a hard-to-conquer bastion that rose to protect these lands from enemy invasions.

Khareba Wineries

Address: Kvareli Gvirabi Street

Phone: +995 322 49 77 70


If you have a great passion for wine, you will be like a kid with a new toy at Khareba. It is the largest winery in Georgia and it occupies seven kilometres (four miles) of tunnels going deep into the mountain. The passageways were built during the Cold War for military purposes, but they were acquired by Khareba wineries to age their wine.

Inside, there is a constant temperature of 51ºF. They offer guided tours in English through the winery and tastings of some of their most emblematic wines. The complex has its own restaurant, bar, and incredible views. It is about five miles southeast of Kvareli. For more information:

Kvareli Surroundings

Nekresi Monastery

It is 8 miles from Kvareli. It is one of the largest religious complexes in the Kakheti region and it was founded in the 6th century by one of the 13 Syrian fathers, St. Abibos Nekreseli. The religious evangelized through these lands and he converted many Georgians from the mountains, thus stopping the advance of Zoroastrianism.

It is situated on the top of a hill overlooking the Alazani valley and it offers a beautiful panoramic view. The enclosure consists of various structures that were built at different times. Until the 18th century, it was the bisphoric from the region.

Practical Information

Kvareli Tourist Office

Address: 8 Rustaveli Street

Phone: +995 352 22 13 40/+995 352 22 13 50


The truth is that the staff did not pay much attention to us, unlike in the other tourist offices of the country.


Kvareli Lake Resort

Address: Kvareli Lake


It is designed for anyone who wishes to disconnect from the busy world for a bit. It is a luxury hotel on the edge of Kvareli Lake, at the foot of the Caucasus. It is located in ideal surroundings for relaxation. The resort has a nice pool with sunbeds, spa, gym, and a restaurant offering traditional creative cuisine.

They also offer bike rentals. The rooms are luxurious, large, bright and with beautiful views. It is one option for treating yourself, something you will remember for the rest of your life. Prices: 300-400 GEL. For more information: