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Vashlovani National Park: Discover This Desert Reserve

In the southeastern corner of the country, where Georgia meets Azerbaijan, the landscape changes radically and the Vashlovani National Park freely extends its majesty there. The forests and vines of Kakheti seem like memory making its way through a lunar scene more characteristic of the steppes of Central Asia than the forests of the Caucasus.

The climate is semi-desert and its nearly 35,000 hectares spread over an almost uninhabited area. The Vashlovani National Park is still little known and it is perfect for bird watching, mountain biking, or hiking.

You can only drive in your own vehicle to get there. To make your trip go smoothly, male sure that you introduce yourself with your passport in the Park Administration Center. Inform them of your sightseeing intentions.

The administration center is located in the village of Dedoplitskaro.

  • This is the address: 5 Baratashvili Street.
  • Phone: +995 577 10 18 49
  • Email address:

Make sure to notify the border police of your visit and you can enter without problems. Stopping by at the administration center is also helpful because there they will also give you some tips about the routes, activities, and points of interest you can visit within the park. They even have equipment for rent. If you’re into birdwatching or camping, you can rent binoculars, sleeping bags, tents, etc.