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Tzaghkadzor: Skiing in Winter, Trekking in Summer

Tzaghkadzor the Valley of flowers.

It is the largest ski resort in the country and the hot spot for winter sports lovers. Although its ski area is smaller than that of most ski resorts in the Pyrenees, it stands out for the quality of its snow. And it is a good place to spend some time on a weekend break, even in summer. It extends on the southeast slope of the Teghenis Mountains and is above 850 meters (2788 feet).

There are good off-piste skiing routes as well as snowboarding. If you do not bring your own equipment, they rent some equipment at the station. You can buy a day pass but you can also pay for each trip.

This ski resort was inaugurated in 1967 as the preparation place for Soviet athletes for the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968. And it was one of the first centres of this type in Transcaucasia. In 2007, the facilities were renewed.

The snow season usually covers from December to April – the best month is February. But during the summer season, many people come, especially from the capital, to walk through its forests, breathe some fresh air, or have a picnic. The area is very picturesque and can be considered to possess similar levels of beauty offered by Dilijan.

Many people flee from the heat experienced in Yerevan to this place because temperatures here are much milder.

The Kecharis Monastery is nearby. It is a jewel of medieval architecture from the 11th and 13th centuries. So, if you are interested in architecture and history, the monastery is definitely worth checking out.

The small town of Tsaghkadzor has a good hotel network, with establishments with swimming pool, sauna, bowling, or nightclubs at night. In winter, there is usually a good nightlife, although prices go through the roof.

The ski lifts work throughout the year. The area also offers good hikes in summer, both on foot and on horseback. If you are a cycling lover, the area offers good routes for mountain biking, too. You can experience here the same activities you’ll find in Lake Sevan, with a local twist of course.


Tsaghkadzor is 55 km miles from Yerevan and it is 4 miles from Hrazdan, the nearest town. A shared taxi from Yerevan to Hrazdan costs around 7,000 AMD. From Hrazdam, a taxi to Tsaghkadzor costs around 1200 AMD.

Where to Sleep?

Expensive Lodging 

Kecharis Hotel

Address: 20 Orbeli Brothers Street (Tsaghkadzor)

Phone: +374 60 57 7040.

It is a good hotel offering 34 rooms of different categories, from standard doubles to suites. This accommodation is a modern hotel with an infrastructure closer to western hospitality. It has a gym, bowling, billiards, sauna, buffet restaurant, and several bars. It is about five minutes by car from the chairs, but they offer free shuttles. For more information:

Marriott Tsaghkadzor Hotel

Address: 2 Tandzaghpyur Poghots Street (4/1 Tsaghkadzor).

Phone: +374 10 294141.

It is one of the best hotels in town. It has magnificent views, indoor pool, sauna, spa, gym, casino, and several restaurants. For more information: