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Kapan is the capital of the southernmost province of Armenia: Syunik.

It is also its most populated city in the province. Kapan has around 43,000 inhabitants. It is a little touristic city surrounded by high mountains. It does not have great attractions per se, but it is the most important transport hub in the province for travellers coming from Iran or the few tourists that go into the Meghri area.

The area is a typical Soviet city with huge blocks of buildings without too much elegance. During the late 19th century and early 20th century, important mining activity was developed in Kapan. You can still find traces of this part of its history by exploring the city.

The silhouette of Mount Khushtup (10518 feet), south of Kapan, is imposed from many places in the town. If you like mountaineering, the ascent is relatively popular with locals during the summer. The climbing starts from the nearby village of Verin Vachagan. You can request more information about the route at your hotel’s reception.

Other spots of interest nearby are the Halidzor Fortress and the Vahanavank Monastery. The hero of the city is Davit Bek, a warrior from the 18th century who fought against the Muslims to liberate southern Armenia.

Where to Sleep?

Expensive Lodging type

Prince Hotel Kapan

Address: 37 Shahumyan Poghots Street (Kapan).

Phone: +374 93 545414.

It is a four-star hotel in the centre of Kapan. Beautiful views of the mountains and located on the banks of the river. It has a garden area and pool. The hotel has comfortable, large and clean rooms.



  • Yerevan-Kapan: they leave at 7:00 a.m. from the Sassountsi Davit station.
  • Kapan-Yerevan: they leave at 7:00 a.m. in front of the Lernagorts Hotel. There are also shared taxis to the capital (6,000 AMD).
  • Kapan-Goris: there are several marshrutkas covering the trip daily.