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Located to the east of the province of Vayots Dzor, 29 miles from Yeghegnadzor and 105 miles from Yerevan (Armenia’s capital city), Jermuk is a thermal city that became famous among the elite of the former USSR as a resting place.

The medicinal properties of its waters are known since ancient times, but the place did not begin to become famous until the middle of the last century. Nowadays, the architecture of the town has nothing to do with the rest of the towns of Armenia. Instead, the area is full of apartment blocks, hotels, and restaurants.

Many people come to Jermuk to undergo health treatments with the properties of their medicinal waters. It is located 2080 meters above sea level (6824 feet), on the course of the Arpa River. And in the summer its mild climate makes it one of the favourite destinations of many people from Yerevan, who take refuge here from the harshness of summer. The surroundings offer good walks and hikes. In winter, their small ski resort is another attraction worth visiting.

Where to Sleep in Jermuk?

Medium Lodging

Lucy Tour Resort

Phone: ✆+374 281 24009// +374 77 861331.

It is a resort located in the middle of nature, in the village of Hermon, which in turn is in the Yeghegis Valley. The accommodation has single and double rooms, apartments, restaurant, swimming pool, a pavilion for games, volleyball and basketball courts, an observatory, and its own ponds for fishing.

They also rent bicycles (both for clients and tourists who are not staying), tents, and sleeping bags. In addition, they organise tours to get to know the region. One of their most interesting Jeep trips is to the Mughtasar fields, at over 3000 meters high (9842 feet). There you’ll discover hundreds of primitive petroglyphs, engraved thousands of years ago.

Prices: AMD 12,000 for a single room and doubles range from AMD 20,000 to 22,000. Bungalows cost AMD 38,000. For more information:

What to Do in Jermuk?

The most interesting spots are the Tsolq Waterfall at 84 meters (275 feet) and the Kechut Lake located south of Jermuk. The latter has natural pools, perfect for a dip. Then there are also the Arpa river gorges.

The Fountain Gallery is in the center of the town and is another one of the most visited places in the area. Of course, they are an interesting part of Armenia. It is a 1956 construction designed by Gevorg Tamanyan, son of Alexander Tamanyan. The gallery is full of fountains where medicinal waters flow. You can drink the water from the fountains and they are said to have different healing properties. It is claimed that they are good for stomach problems, heart problems, and some types of cancer.

Jermuk Ski Resort

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

It is a small ski resort that usually runs from the beginning of November to April. It only has three skiable miles. With a pair of descents on blue and red tracks. The infrastructure is of acceptable quality and is within range of the centre of Jermuk.

Where to Sleep in Jermuk?

Cheap Lodging

Arthur Hakobyan B&B

Phone: ✆+374 287 21478//+374 93 906879.

It is an apartment with capacity for four guests. The apartment has been recently renovated. You have two parking spaces and a balcony.

Jermuk Guesthouse

Address: 3/1 Samhunyan Street.

We did not visit this B&B, but it was advertised in Booking and we found it quite interesting looking at the photos.

Expensive Lodging

Armenia Jermuk Resort

Address: 2 Miasnikyan Poghots Street (Jermuk).

Phone: ✆+374 60 379777.

Together with the Olympia Resort, it is one of the best hotels in town. It offers a wide variety of medical treatments to its clients along with a sauna, hydrotherapy, SPA, and hot baths with water from the springs of the area. It costs AMD 50,000-70,000 (with most treatments included). You can access the Spa for a small fee if you are not a client. For more information:

Jermuk Olympia Resort

Address: 16 Shahumyan Street.

Phone: ✆+374 287 22366.

It has a classic style of decoration. There are also a games room, sauna, beauty salon, SPA, and they offer medical treatments. The rooms are large, pleasant, and well equipped. It costs AMD 40,000-50,000 to stay there for one night. For more information:

How to Get to Jermuk from Yerevan?

Jermuk is about 180 km (111 miles) away from Yerevan. The marshrutkas from Yerevan to Jermuk leave when they are full, between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., from the Kilikia bus station. In Jermuk, there are two marshrutkas that make the trip back daily (8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.), but just make sure beforehand because the schedules change sometimes.